5 Gum Sweet Mint Sugarfree Gum - 15 Piece, 10 Pack

Brand : Wrigley's
MRP ₹1,200.00 Price ₹999.00
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Each day is full of ways to turn your world upside down: start with a stick of 5.
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There are five seconds before you try something new, take a chance, push past your comfort zone. Your heart races, adrenaline rushes through your body. All of your senses become heightened. It?s terrifying. And exciting. Will you play it safe? Or will you make your comfort zone uncomfortable? This is the exhilaration of the moment of choice. The choice is yours. Make it count with sugar-free 5 chewing gum. Mystery Mint?A mint flavor that might leave you mystified. Grab a stick of crisp, complex Mystery Mint flavor. Life happens in 5.
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