Nespresso Volluto Coffee Capsule ( 2 Sticks , 20 Pods)

Brand : Nespresso
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  • Aromatic prifile is quite present and diverse: fruity notes harmoniously balanced with sweet and biscuity notes.
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These are coffee capsules. Available in different flavours. These typically contain 'blends' of coffee origin. Volluto is medium roasted - not too hot, not too long - and given a medium grind to keep it all in harmony. This roast turns the Brazil's cereal notes to sweet biscuit and keeps the fruity notes of the Colombia alive. Volluto (Intensity: 4) is a sweet and light capsule with a blend of Central and South American 100% Arabica coffees. We think it's the most balanced espresso capsule with a light body, some toasted notes, and a sweet finish.

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