Bounty Coconut Filled Chocolates Gift Pack- 57g Bar (Pack of 12)

Brand : Bounty
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Bounty is a coconut-filled, chocolate-enrobed candy bar manufactured by Mars, Incorporated. It is a direct emulation of the Mounds bar introduced by Peter Paul in 1936, and also copies the milk chocolate enrobing of its Almond Joy introduced in 1948 in that version.

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Satisfy your sweet cravings with an indulgent Bounty Coconut Chocolate treat containing tender, moist coconut in the centre. Bounty chocolates make a perfect dessert for every situation, be it untimely sugar cravings, an after-meal extravagance. Bounty chocolates are a delicious combination of the classic coconut and chocolate for an irresistible treat. It has a thick chocolate layer on the outside that melts in the mouth, uncovering the smooth, creamy flavour of rich coconut. Its rich and delicious taste and gooey centre are sure to leave you asking for more.

Bounty is a perfect solution for your sweet tooth and can be enjoyed whenever a sweet craving strikes!

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