Alicafe French Roast Iced Coffee Packet ( 20 X 10g )

Brand : Alicafe
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Alicafe was founded in 1999 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was started with the common aim to share the vision of great instant coffee and tea. Today, it ships its extensive collection of products to more than 48 countries around the world and the Middle East.

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Mix a little guilty pleasure into your day with the Alicafe 10g French Roast Iced Coffee. With a mix of top-notch Arabica beans propelled by the French simmering system, it has a rich and smoky flavour for those searching for a helpful yet tasty espresso. It has the power to transform your coffee-break into a genuinely exceptional minute in the day. It is a genuine coffee, with real taste and no artificial flavour included. Our coffee-aficionados recommend that you make the espresso with cold milk for additional richness. Include the espresso ice cubes if you wish for an opulent espresso taste. You can top it with a vanilla frozen yoghurt for a definitive guilty pleasure.

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